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Awesome DIY Tutorial: How to Create Your Own Tasseled Bohemian Sandals

Watch YT vlogger luvableviet discuss about her ideas on how to make a DIY Bohemian Sandal! The good thing about boho chic is that it is unconventional and free flowing.  And every accessory can be done by the bare hands, ala-DIY style. Let us discuss the steps taken by a fashion designer vlogger to come up with her own version of a Do-It-Yourself Bohemian Sandals: The activity would take about 10 minutes to make.  Here are some points tackled by the vlogger as creates her Street remake version of her boho sandals. What you need: Pair of bare sandals that could be bought at a cheaper price than the original price (Look out for items on sale) Tassels-This can be... Read More

Boho Chic: The Perfect Clothing Pieces Suitable for All Fashion Events

Here is vlogger Danielle Marie Carolan to show you some of her choices for the back-to-school outfits!  Watch below video!   I actually had some dresses and blouses in my closet that I didn’t know can also form the boho chic look until I had the opportunity to do some research and readings about it.  Even some of the jewelries I wear are also considered to be boho.  Perhaps there are some of you who can relate with what I just said.  Knowing what I know now about boho clothing, I am much more inspired to create mixes of dresses, blouses, footwears and various accessories to achieve a very nice boho style.  One thing I also liked about this boho... Read More

Fabulous Choices of Boho Chic Clothing and Accessories that Will Give Every Girl a Gorgeous Look

YT Vlogger Confessions of a Hairstylist shares her techniques on how to do a Boho Chic hairstyle!  Watch it here! Growing up guys and girls of today are really amazing fashion buffs.  They know what’s in and what should remain inside the closet for a while.  They know how to mix yesterday’s fashion with today’s to create a fantastic look, like boho clothing for instance.  There are a lot of fashion mixes with this look called boho, and they were able to incorporate it in their choices of clothes that reflect their personality. Boho hairstyles:    Some boho fashionistas would love to do those boho braids on their hair, which may either appear to look voluminous and messy or tight... Read More

Famous Fashion Personalities Who Wore the Boho Chic Look

Girls! Watch Danielle Marie Carolan and get some ideas from her as she gives you her great boho outfit ideas for summer,  boho dress, boho chic clothing style that she plans to wear for this week! You know, the boho clothing has been here before and is unceasingly resurfacing over time.  Even today, young generations of girls and guys are unknowingly sporting some kind of boho clothing in their day to day outfits. At a certain time, some renowned personalities have been responsible for the invasion of the boho kind of clothing in well-known stores in the main fashion cities.  Here are a few of the many famous fashion personalities who inadvertently influenced the younger generations to dress like them-boho style. Kate... Read More

BOHO CHIC: The Fashion Style That Comes and Goes But Never Fades

Watch Uschi Lou show her thrift hauls of Boho dresses.  Look out for the countless number of flowing floral chiffon confections, mini velvet swingers, humdingers and bell-ringers and be inspired to wear Boho clothing! What is Boho Chic? Talk about the etymology of words, Boho is derived from Bohemian.  Bohemian is synonymous with free spirit, nonconformist, independent and hippie.  The word "Chic" was borrowed from French in the late 19th century. It was then used to mean stylish or elegant.   The Bohemian or Boho Chic is likewise described as a fashion style that features the following: The use of natural fabrics like linen, velvet, chiffon, silk, fur, suede, leather, denim, cotton, and others The use of a lot of accessories like... Read More

Common Questions That Most First Time Cosplayers Ask About Cosplaying

Here's Moonshine Bonanza storming though Comic Con 2014 in a sweet Roger Rabbit costume and talks to folks about their costumes!  Find out how much those cosplayers spent on their costumes as Moonshine Bonanza asks them about it! Cosplaying is a fun experience for the real cosplay buffs.  If you decide to get into this kind of hobby, you have to have the heart and passion for it.  In short, you should know what you are getting into.  Here are some basic questions that may be asked by a beginner. What cosplay character should I try? For a first time cosplayer, you may want to try a simple but popular cosplay image.  If you are a female cosplayer, you may... Read More

When Characters from Comic Books Come to Life: From the Movies to the World of Cosplay

Look Like Studio does tutorials on how to look like celebrities and famous fictional characters.  Watch how they do a Harley Quinn! The super cool super villain from the Batman comics! Are you fond of reading comic book when you were younger, back in the 70’s, 80’s or 90’s?  So you are definitely familiar with the Marvel superheroes-such as Captain America, Iron Man, Spiderman and many more.  They were really, really super popular at that time (and up to these days).  Every kid around the world knows these comic book characters.  Well, who wouldn’t?   And as the technology rises to a greater degree, movie producers began to give life and movement to these popular characters through Movies.  These movies became... Read More

The Amazing Naruto Series: Where Anime Cosplayers Find their Staple Characters

Watch Moonshine Bonanza talk about the Sakura Haruno costume she got as a gift. In almost all cosplay event, one, two or all anime characters from this manga series are always present.  The characters in this Japanese manga series are short of being missed because they are always around in every major cosplay event.  Indeed, these Naruto series characters are considered to be staples of cosplays. The Naruto series is one of the many kinds of Japanese manga series.  The creator of the character and the series, Masashi Kishimoto, was inspired by the Dragon Ball series.  Even the lead character Goku from the Dragon Ball series has been a key factor in his creation of Naruto Uzumaki.  He wanted a... Read More

Basic Questions That Most First Time Cosplayers Ask

Watch Tifani Davis kick off her new show with a topic answering the question "How do you pick your first cosplay?" Last December, after voting for a consensus from a group of eight people, our head committee announced that the winning theme for the Christmas party would be all about Cosplays.  Basically, it’s a costume party for the company!  To me, it would mean seeing a lot of colorful costumes, different kinds of cosplay accessories, cosplay bodysuits and wigs and many more out-of-the-box clothing ideas. Honestly, I didn’t know much about cosplays.  But I was forced to learn the basic stuffs about cosplaying, because I have to.  I am a member of our company’s Events Committee or simply the EC. ... Read More

Anime Expo: Fun Event Where Amazing and Awesome Cosplayers Meet

Watch Veronica V. of Bandai Namco interview the cosplayers who attended the Anime Expo 2015 event and be delighted at every one’s fantastic personality.  If you are looking for a place full of energy and excitement, you’ll never go wrong with the Anime Expo!  Shortened as AX, it is as an American anime convention held in Los Angeles, California.  It was also held in other places such as Anaheim, San Jose, New York, and Tokyo.  This annual anime event is organized by the non-profit Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation (SPJA).  This big event is traditionally held on the first weekend in July, which typically coincides with the 4th of July, and lasts for four days. Once you step in at the convention, you will feel the... Read More



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