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Basic Questions That Most First Time Cosplayers Ask

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Watch Tifani Davis kick off her new show with a topic answering the question "How do you pick your first cosplay?"

Last December, after voting for a consensus from a group of eight people, our head committee announced that the winning theme for the Christmas party would be all about Cosplays.  Basically, it’s a costume party for the company!  To me, it would mean seeing a lot of colorful costumes, different kinds of cosplay accessories, cosplay bodysuits and wigs and many more out-of-the-box clothing ideas.

Honestly, I didn’t know much about cosplays.  But I was forced to learn the basic stuffs about cosplaying, because I have to.  I am a member of our company’s Events Committee or simply the EC.  We handle the internal events of our company during special occasions and holidays such as company anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, and Christmas party.  The main purpose of the committee is to organize great events for the employees of the company.

Here are the basic questions that I have asked and searched from the available sources out there --from experienced cosplayers, and most of which, from the internet.

 1.  What is a Cosplay?

Cosplay is derived from the words costume and play.  It is a performance art in which participants that are called cosplayers wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent a specific character.

 2.  What is the difference of Cosplay from the various costume parties such as Halloween Party, Christmas Party or Festivals?

Basically, cosplay’s main focus or intention is to replicate a specific character.  Other costume events are aimed at celebrating the main festival or the main holiday event. 

Take note of the words ‘specific character’ in cosplay.  If you are simply dressing up as yourself for a particular event (say, for example, Halloween) without considering any specific character to play like Maleficent, for example, then you are dressing up for a costume party.

 3.  If I wore a simple costume like Pokémon cosplay wig or a Pikachu hoodie, am I already considered as a Cosplayer?

Yes.  Participants who wear costumes and fashion accessories to represent particular characters in a cosplay event are called Cosplayers.  Cosplay costumes may vary from simple themed clothing to highly detailed costumes.

I also had other questions with regard to cosplaying like: who are the best characters to cosplay; where do cosplayers get their costumes; how much does it cost a person to become a cosplayer; and many more.  And to answer these questions, I have to read a lot of blogs and watch a lot of videos about cosplays.  Also, the question and answer thread section of an online forum about cosplay is a big help.

So, if cosplaying is new to you, there are a lot of available sources of information in the internet.  Google and YouTube are great teachers.

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