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Common Questions That Most First Time Cosplayers Ask About Cosplaying

Posted by Lyn J on

Here's Moonshine Bonanza storming though Comic Con 2014 in a sweet Roger Rabbit costume and talks to folks about their costumes!  Find out how much those cosplayers spent on their costumes as Moonshine Bonanza asks them about it!

Cosplaying is a fun experience for the real cosplay buffs.  If you decide to get into this kind of hobby, you have to have the heart and passion for it.  In short, you should know what you are getting into. 

Here are some basic questions that may be asked by a beginner.

  1. What cosplay character should I try?

For a first time cosplayer, you may want to try a simple but popular cosplay image.  If you are a female cosplayer, you may take Anna and Elsa of Frozen, Power Puff Girls, or Sailor Moon, and many others.  Choose one whom you are comfortable to portray.  And if you are a male cosplayer, the easiest one would be Kaonashi “No Face”.  You could also consider One Piece, Son Goku, and many other.

If you have already set your mind to go for the bigger characters with complicated costumes and heavy doses of cosplay make-up then go for it.  Confidence is the key, remember.  As long as you are confident to wear those spectacular costumes, you’d do great.  If you want to stand out from the crowd and are not afraid to be noticed, go for it.  

  1. Where will I get my costume?

If you have chosen a simpler cosplay character, the costume may also be easy to prepare.  If you have no plans to design and sew your costume, visit those cosplay shops that manufacture high quality cosplay costumes.  You can also buy your cosplay costumes over the internet through the various online shops.  Be sure to deal only with reliable online cosplay shops.         

  1. How much does it cost to be a cosplayer?

It is true that cosplaying is an expensive and time-consuming hobby.  To create a cosplay costume, you need money to buy the raw material, and time to spend on measuring, cutting and sewing your own cosplay attire; painting and doing some artworks on it.  It is also costly if you decide to buy the whole packaged cosplay costume, complete with weapons (as needed), wigs, and other detailed accessories.  However, all these depend on the type of cosplay character that you have chosen to represent.  The cost may range from as low as $20.00 up to as high as $200 or much higher.  It really depends on the complexity of the character.

For newbie cosplayers, you have to read and research a lot:  Get ideas for cosplay beginners, follow those famous cosplayers and learn from their experiences, read some blogs about cosplaying and watch uploaded cosplay shows on YouTube. 

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