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How to Achieve that Disney Pixar’s Inside Out Cosplay Character Sadness Look

Posted by Lyn J on

Watch and learn from Kat Sketch’s Make up Tutorial for one of Inside Out’s Sadness character (Disney Pixar Cosplay)

Cosplaying is a hobby that’s a mix of art and personality.  It is an art that uses so many kinds of colors, textures, shapes and many other considerations.  Also, cosplayers are given the freedom to choose the right kind of characters that suit their preference.  And through this character, they work on their artistic techniques to create its perfect replica. 

It may be interesting to note that most cosplayers base their choices of characters to copy from the common traits that they have with them or simply because these are their favorite characters.  Having a connection is a very important aspect of choosing the right character for a cosplayer.  In this way, all the efforts and hard work will never go to waste, since everything is done with gusto.

Complicated characters that require complicated costume, accessories, props or weapons usually receive high compliments from fellow cosplayers and fans.  Saying this does not mean that simple looking characters are inferior.  There are no inferior characters in cosplays.  Considering all efforts involved, all cosplay ideas are great.

Aside from the famous anime creations, cosplayers also love to choose from Disney Pixar’s adorable creations.  And one of the most liked character is Sadness of the Inside Out movie.  She is, as one vlogger puts it “sarcastically funny” and sad, which makes this character very lovable. 

Newbie cosplayer may start playing with the Sadness’ image.  To make this happen, you have to have the following materials:

  1. Wig cap
  2. Fake blue Contact lenses
  3. Baby powder
  4. Eyeliner
  5. Eye pencil
  6. Translucent powder
  7. Make up
  8. Matte blue eye shadow
  9. Blue short wig
  10. Blue Turtle Neck sweater

And, watch the movie Inside Out and study the character of Sadness and be inspired.    

By the way, all of the above items are available in almost all stores in the world which include the online stores. 

Watch another movie and keep studying cosplaying.

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