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How to be an Awesome Anime Cosplayer even if It's Your First Time to Try It

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Here's a video from Dogberman Rey De Fails about cosplay.  Watch how the Try Guys tried cosplaying for the first time!  Check out those simple but amazing and cool costumes!

Perhaps one of the most anticipated popular events in the world of artists today is the Cosplay or costume plays.  Take for example, the Anime Expo Masquerade that was held in Los Angeles, California.  Not surprisingly, many faithful anime followers and fans came to participate in that event. 

Keeping the attendees’ positive expectations in a big event like this can be a challenge even for the most experienced cosplayers because obviously, times and expectations are always changing.  And furthermore, there are what we call the old and the new generations of participants who have different sets of recognized characters or heroes and, again, those never ending expectations.  

But thanks to the power of the cosplay artists’ imaginative and artistic costume creators, cosplayers always survive these events with a bang!  These cosplayers always look great and awesome. 

Aspiring to be like them?  Here’s what you can do.      

  1. Choose the right anime figure that suits you.

In this case, be a natural.  Select the right anime figure or character that suits your preference and physical attributes.  Sometimes we have characters in mind that we want to imitate but then we are not as tall or as big or as thin as these characters.  So what?  Well, we may still choose what we want without regard to the human physique.  But we should make sure that we will stand to be the best version of that anime character. 

  1. Study and practice the behavior or antics of the anime figure.

If you are already a follower and a fan of that anime character that you want to play, this is probably just a piece of cake for you.  Sure, if you know them so well, in mind and in heart then you’ll do great portraying them live! 

  1. Be creative.

Here’s the challenging part of attending a cosplay event-creating the costumes.  If you are with Cosplayers with almost the same anime character as yours, same looks and style as yours, it may seem boring.  But of course, you can make the difference and stand out!  Use various recyclable materials and incorporate unique handmade design details in styling your cosplay costume.  It may be a bit tedious but certainly rewarding.  It is because by the power of creativity vested upon you, you were able to assemble an impressive cosplay costume!  And at a cheaper price.  

However, if you lack creativity and the time in creating those cosplay costumes, there are a lot of online shopping stores where you can find the items you need in order to get that awesome cosplay look you want.  

  1. Be confident.

Definitely!  This is always the best way to stand out.  This is also a result of the previous preparations you did like carefully choosing and studying what character to represent and being creative in preparing your cosplay costume.  Getting dressed properly for the cosplay event already gives the cosplayer a reason to be able to project confidently.  

  1. Be an anime and enjoy.

In the first place, this is absolutely the reason why you are attending the cosplay event.  Enjoy the moment with everybody-guests, fans, organizers and fellow cosplayers.  For the whole event, stay focused on your character as the anime you chose but be sure to be back to your normal self after! 

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