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How to Find the Coolest Cosplay Costume that could Turn You into One of the Coolest Cosplayer in the Cosplay World

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Watch YT channel Look Like Studios detailed tutorial video as they shared how they made the DIY Harley Quinn Make up, Hair and Costume!

Finding the coolest cosplay costume pieces requires finding the perfect balance of color, material, and price.  Also, it has become an interesting activity for every cosplayer.   Likewise, creating or shopping for a great cosplay costume is like forming a puzzle.  This is not to say that it is a hard thing to do, not all puzzles are hard.  Fixing a puzzle only takes a great deal of imagination, strategies, patience and time to complete it. 

First, there should be a complete cosplay costume design or concept of how the cosplayer should look like from head to toe.   The kind of cosplay props required by the character being replicated should also be presented in the design. 

While it is good that the cosplayer has the cosplay image concept already visualized in his mind, it is still best to have the costume design concept clearly illustrated or printed in paper or stored for viewing in electronic devices.  This way, putting the costume pieces together and determining what’s still lacking becomes easier.

So, how do cosplayers survive the challenge of hunting for the coolest cosplay costumes?  Read on.  

  1. DO IT YOURSELF. Cosplayers can personally create or assemble their own pieces of cosplay attire.  Most cosplayers who are also artists do this.  These cosplayers are often praised for coming up with a great finished product (cosplay costume) from used materials or recyclable items. 
  1. HIRE TALENTED ARTISTS. Cosplayers can pay for individual costume makers or artists to craft customized cosplay costumes for them. 
  1. BUY FROM MANUFACTURERS. They can also seek for manufacturers who create and sell packaged costumes dedicated for cosplay events.    
  1. VISIT PHYSICAL STORES. The option to shop for the individual costume pieces and accessories from the physical stores around the metro is still being done even with the influx of legitimate online sellers.  Some are really meticulous about the quality of materials and makes sure that what they see is what they get.  
  1. ONLINE SHOPPING. And who would not notice the growing number of online shopping stores these days.  It has become easier for cosplayers to complete their checklist of cosplay costume pieces and props on time before the scheduled cosplay event in town. The internet is a vast avenue for cosplayers to look for the best cosplay item needs.  Like the physical stores, online shopping stores offer different kinds of completely assembled cosplay costume and cosplay accessories.  

See?  There are ways to find the perfect cosplay costumes for the coolest cosplayers in town.  

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