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No-nonsense Reasons Why You Should Start Cosplaying

Posted by Lyn J on

Check out this awesome video from Freedom YT channel about the benefits of Cosplaying and be inspired!  

My colleague says he is attending a cosplay event.

Cosplay.  I heard this word a lot of times but I haven’t really had a full grasp of what it is all about.  Whenever he mentions this word, I feel that he is some sort of an alien.  What in the world is he talking about?   Why do millennials always talk about it in social media, as well?  Why is this cosplay thing a growing hobby nowadays?  I found out the answers after reading a lot of cosplay-related blogs and watching videos of the same.

Every cosplay event attracts media attention and amuses cosplay fans who flock to watch.  Cosplay is a performance art and performers are called Cosplayers who put on peculiar costumes, fashion accessories and make up to look like a particular character from various sources such as anime, manga series, video games, sci-fi movies, TV series, cartoons and comic books.

But what is it in cosplay that a lot of people look forward into?  Actually, it should not just be a question of what’s in it, but rather what it does for the cosplay participants.  The list below explains why cosplay has a long line of followers.

  1. It erases self-doubt and builds self-confidence.

Let’s be real.  Majority of us have doubts about ourselves, about what we can do.  And most of the time, we struggle so hard within ourselves to overcome these enemies.  With cosplaying, one can become someone else, someone who is much stronger than he is.  And so, from that borrowed strength, he starts to strengthen himself until he no longer needs to borrow because he already has his own. 

  1. It is a community of love and acceptance.

Cosplay participants open up to creating friendship with people who love the same things that they love.  Everybody in that cosplay event understands those strange designs of garments that don’t normally exist in the real world.  This is what connects every cosplayer-love of their creative craft and acceptance of their fellow cosplayers.  This is what cosplaying is all about. 

  1. It is not exclusive, it’s for everyone.

Everyone who wishes to be a cosplayer can make it happen.  It’s certainly up to his will.

Cosplaying may be an expensive thing.  But, it’s not always about the money.  For cosplayers, it’s more about the feeling of fulfillment that it brings.

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